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The World English Bible uses the divine name Yahweh. Further "names of God" are sometimes added as a footnote. 
You find these original names in the "Restored Names King James Version of the Bible" : You can get a copy from for the program "Online-Bible". However, that is not a version of the World English Bible. 
The "Hebrew Names Version of the World English Bible" only changes names of persons, for instance Abraham into Abram, but does not use the divine name Elohim.
God is called by many names in the Holy Bible. In Hebrew, God's  most common proper name is represented by the 4 consonants YOD HE WAW HE, which is usually written "Yahweh" in English. Sometimes "Jehovah" is used, which is what you get when you combine the vowels for "Adonai" (Lord) with the consonants for "Yahweh." This name is sometimes rendered "LORD" in English translations, not to be confused with "Lord" (the rendition of "Adonai") -- note the small capital letters in one and not the other.