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How to deal with prophecies.

At this point it would be appropriate to add some general thoughts concerning how to deal with prophecies. not only with John's apocalypse, but also with other, mostly short "apocalypses" from the apocryphal literature of the early centuries after Christ, or modern apocalyptic visions of clairvoyants that have a mostly "mixed" nature; in addition to that there are various "predictions". The archetypal "steps" of John's Revelation as such are probably as unavoidable as the various stages of the development of an embryo or a living being, or certain steps in the development of a mystic, etc. It is, however, up to each individual how one goes through these steps. One can learn a lot very easily and so avoid a lot of pain and discomfort, or one can wait for big catastrophies. If you examine the events of the world, independent of prophets, you will notice the same regularity, no matter whether it is the fate of a single person or whether a larger context is considered.

Details within visions of the future, which are not archetypal and therefore less fundamental, are mental programs. After some preparation, the matter may have reached the point at which certain events in the future would follow, which become more and more delimited in quality, space and time. But if these causal programs in individuals or in groups change in detail through human efforts, then the details of the future also change, if they are no inevitable archetypes. Therefore, visions change from time to time. That is also true in particular for people, whose visions are not from that same comprehensive level as John’s. Their visions can become out-dated within a short time. However, the scope of mankind is limited by human laziness.

Clairvoyants can either observe vague impulses - these are then most likely to be correct - or they already see clearer possibilities in symbolic form, or even exact material events. These may be mixed with data from the subconscious, because the details are probably not yet really fixed - apart from simple projections from experiences of the past on the future, or other - frequently occurring, deceiving perceptions or completely wrong interpretations.

Other contradictions in such "perceptions of the future" obviously reflect various and partly contradictory scenarios of the future. In the collective mind of mankind that means "real, not yet clearly decided possibilities" coming mainly from various human fantasies .... Everyone participates consciously or unconsciously in this ongoing process of deciding about the future. (* See also an extra window at the end of the chapter about the "7 bowls of wrath").

On the one hand the earth is a conscious, free organism and it is not up to us to tell God how to grasp this part of his being. On the other hand, man is also free for his part, to decide himself for increasingly better patterns of resolving problems. Similarly, the cells also seem to have a considerable variability in their behaviour - not dictated centrally by the consciousness of man, but this consciousness can address it with positive thoughts, etc.

Therefore, much more has been caused by transforming thoughts and prayers, love and trust in God, by rescuing actions and grace, than fatalistic attitudes would have us believe.

The perception of some mystics that on the highest levels of existence beyond space and time everything is already there and the earthly perception of the struggle for correct decisions, etc. are both correct, independently of each other. To play both off against each other, evaluating philosophically, does not do justice to the completely different character of these levels and makes the result wrong.

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