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The seven trumpets.

The vision of the angels with the seven trumpets takes place in "Heaven" (Revelation 8,2 - 11,19). The ascending "prayers of the saints", the "fire of the altar sent down to earth", and also the trumpets themselves as instruments used with the head (the mouth) reflect a more mental level - as it would be in dreams with these types of symbols. In this case, this is the origin of the changes which partially reach the earth, where various kinds of shadows are stirred up.

In spite of this mental, not physical nature of the "trumpets", esoterics also tried here to describe them as earthly "cultures of the 7 trumpets" after the seals. Although it is difficult to find reminiscences of it in our time, it would not be impossible to see suffering forests and poisons in connection with the quality of the 1st/2nd trumpets. In the 3rd trumpet some groups noticed that torch that fell on 1/3 of the rivers named "vermouth" = Chernobyl, that means the same in local languages. The 4th trumpet might emphasize a star constellation, as it occurred in the middle of August 1987 with a triangle of all planets. Parts of the New-Age-circles meditated then without referring to the revelation, but with reference to the apocalyptic number of 144,000 people - named "Rainbow Warriors" in the language of (American) Indian prophecy - about the assumed beginning or an intermediate state on the way to a New Age. The 5th trumpet - smoke from the well of the abyss, iron locusts, five months of pain ... - could leave the impression of some connection to the gulf war of 1991; the 6th trumpet too, which may also show earthquakes. The seventh trumpet leads into the "temple of God", accompanied by flashes and voices, thunder and hail, which can also have an inner, mystical meaning.

With the 7th trumpet there are also voices: "The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and his Christ"; at least on a mental level something has already been decided that has not yet been fully worked out on earth. The power of the "trumpets" is comparable with the "transfiguration" on Mount Tabor (see our related chapter and Matthew 17) and with the teachings in its context, also the Sermon on the Mount, etc. (See our chapter "The Sermon on the Mount", and Matthew 5-7).


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