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Main text part 2, The Revelation,
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The woman and the dragon.

In all phases of the events the spiritually leading powers and the various reluctant, negative powers participate. The text sometimes explains the one side in more detail, at another time the other one. The sign in heaven, the "Woman clothed in the sun, the moon below the feet, and a crown of twelve stars on her head" ( Revelation 12) unmistakably shows "Sophia" - Greek: wisdom - the heavenly or universal mother, not so much the aspect of a mother of the earth; see the chapter "the first Whitsun event" of this site. Her sometimes accepted relationship to Mary has already been mentioned. In her old age Mary lived in a cave, in which the ancient mother goddess Kybele had been worshiped. This was heavily symbolic, in the sense of being something new in this context. Her "child" in the revelation - a child of a heavenly being is, first of all, a heavenly being too- who "will rule all nations with an iron sceptre, and who will continuously admonish people to follow their sincere, individual heart; and it must refer to a special way in which the cosmic Christ works. The "sceptre" can also be translated as "iron staff", so it is not only the symbol of a king, but also that of an "initiator" and may have something to do with the "heavenly hosts" too. See the chapter "The 7 bowls of wrath".

Here we may recognize a relationship between the spiritual nature of "foot washing" and the previous anointing by Mary of Bethany (Our chapter "Christ Washing the feet" and John's Gospel 12,13). Also the resumption of the "new birth" on increasingly high levels of development is included.

The "dragon" with its negative angels is the reverse side. Through "Michael and his angels" they are conquered in the cosmos and flung to the earth. Heaven and earth now protect them from the woman. 


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