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The (real) "1000 Years of Peace".

After the transition through time of the "7 bowls with the last plagues", the cosmic vision of Christ returning from Heaven follows - as a rider on a white horse, "called Faithful and True…the Word of God", with the armies of heaven dressed in white (Revelation 19). This does not mean the contemporary human "pseudo-Christs". The "false prophet" (with false/one-sided ideas about Jesus, or about what is Christian...) is overturned. The "1000 years of peace" (Revelation 20, 1-6) are not a classical "empire". The "Big machine" of society, the external negative forces and their manifestations, are banished.

Here we find the spiritual Last Judgement too. The translation of Rev. 20:4 - "... they came to life" does not fully meet the original meaning, that is simply "... they lived", (as it was translated literally for instance in the footnotes of the "Elberfelder Bible"). In the case of the souls this could mean "a coming to life again", but people who did not follow the beast may also continue to live on earth. It would be a misunderstanding to think that all of them have to die .

This stage is related to the resurrection of Christ (our chapter and John 20 - 21). Even in the text of the revelation itself it is called the "first resurrection".

The negative powers are not yet completely dissolved, however; the incompleteness of individuals still has to be worked on, which is now easier.

After "1000 years" the residue of negative powers emerges concentrated, in order to become dissolved.See next chapter.


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