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Other topics

Privacy and computer security. 


1a. Since this internet project is not a commercial site, we do not have a customers file, and have no shop- or payment pages. Therefore we use and save usually no personal data beyond the contact data, given to us especially by emails or email forms (name, email address, language); except the persons would give us voluntarily further data concerning themselves, or contents, or contact persons.

This site for American and other English speaking people, and the sites in other languages meet European privacy standards too.
We would work according to Art. 6, Art. 7, Art. 9 (EU-) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) if there would occur related activities.

We cancel data, which are no longer necessary for our project. 

1b. During our communication we get informations about religious beliefs of  people (according to Art. 9 par. 1 GDPR), as they give to us voluntarfily. We work with it only as far it is necessary for sending a reply; especially we do not use profiling or scoring.  We do not use it for commercial purposes, and we do not forward the data to others, if not wished by both, or legally prescribed.
If there would be special cases (according to Art. 6 par. 1 lit. a., Art. 7, Art. 9 par. 2 lit. a GDPR, ) we would ask users if they permit it. 

2. Your computer does not get cookies or other spyware from this website. We do not work out personal profiles and do not trace You in the Internet. 

Our Internet provider uses - as usual - for internet security and statistical purposes "tracking" to produce logfiles. No personal data are saved, but especially the visited page, type of device, system, browser, time, anonymized IP-address, and according to browser settings possibly a page visited immediately before. The data are cancelled automatically after 21 days.

3. The private persons of this project claim privacy rights for themselves too.

Computer security

We do not use scripts, except our search page, which needs javascript (active scripting).

Since we have information pages, and no interactive shop pages or payment functions, till now the pages do not  need "https" - security. That would almost only slow down the pages, and is not compatible with some older browsers. In the meantime we offer contact forms with https-security. In the future we may offer further pages with https-security.

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Since our web project is situated in Germany, see here: http://www.christuswege.net/datenschutz.htm