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 Part 3 additional topics, practical and biblical questions

A - general - self-examination for the work with the "Ways of Christ" main text
- in the inner and outer life.

Did I read the "Introduction into the purpose and use of this text"? (If not: it may help to do so now, especially in case of numerous general ambiquities).

Have I studied the chapters of this commentary in sequence? (If not - and if you are really interested in the emulation of Christ: study also the previous chapters).

If I did not know the related chapters of the Bible, did I take the trouble to read them? .

Have I studied till now without having the distressing feeling that I have skimmed over an earlier passage in the commentary or in the Bible, which I did not understand? (Otherwise consider that passage calmly again and as far as possible without prejudices.

Did I read and use the  "methodical tips, Christian Meditation..." as a possible aid to deeper understanding, experiencing and working out the contents? .

Do I have a general idea of my present abilities, traits of character, habits? (If not: think about it and make notes).
If the answer is yes: Is there a certain quality - related to the text just studied - which I want to pray for urgently and which I wish to improve, (or which is already developing)?.

Did I think of applying my latest realizations in my daily life?.

Am I already open for being guided in my conscience?.

Have I attempted to find or achieved a more direct guidance by God through Jesus Christ on my path?.

So, where do I stand in my relation to God?



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