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A map with some probable places of Jesus' life (585 kB)
- with description

If traditions, research and modern inspired sources like Jakob Lorber are taken up, some of the real biblical locations may be different from the assumed places: 
- The birth of Jesus:  the assumed village of Bethlehem may be the correct place.
- Nazareth as the place of Jesus' youth: Jakob Lorber stated, that the ancient Nazareth would have been different from today's Nazareth. Anyhow it was situated in Galilee too. 
- The place where Jesus was baptized, may have been the Jordan to the north of the Galilean Sea (Lake of Genezareth), rather than the southern part of the Jordan.
- The "desert", where the Lord fasted 40 days before starting to work, may have been a small desert behind the ancient village of Bethabara, to the north of the Lake of Genezareth too.
- The wedding at Cana took place at "Cana in Galilee", not at "Cana in Tale". Nevertheless the real historic location of that Cana is not 100% clear.
- The hills of the mass feedings were probably situated around the Lake of Genezareth.
- The transfiguration took place on the Mount Tabor; the tradition of the Church says, it was the present Mount Tabor close to present Nazareth; but there is an other opinion it was a mountain or hill closer to the western coast of the Lake of Genezareth.
- The country estate of Bethany was that one close to Jerusalem.
- The scenes in the temple of Jerusalem and the Sermon on the Mount should have taken place where the tradition says. But many other biblical places at Jerusalem like the stations of the Cross may have been different. Jerusalem was destroyed almost completely by the Romans, and not rebuilt exactly in the same way as it existed before. However, for the path of the "emulation of Christ" one does not need to know and see the historical places. One can find the power of the biblical events and the presence of Jesus Christ everywhere in the world.


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