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blue: Links to english pages and bible texts.

These websites of others may contain additional Informations. However, this website "Ways-of-Christ.net"  does not automatically support each of the manifold and changing contents of the named other sites, and dissociates itself from, according to the legal situation.

1: Online Bibles, apocryphic texts, theology, ethics etc.:


New-International-Version and other American and English/ Anglicized Bible Versions. You may read, hear, and study Scripture. With devotionals, (and mobile apps, and Bible reading plans).

http://av1611.com/kjbp/kjv-bible-text/index.html  or http://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org
Authorized King James Bible of 1611.

Catholic Bible

Bible browser, several versions.

Official Internet editions of individual academic biblical texts. The German Bible Society oversees these texts.

However, for studying bible texts while working with the chapters of "ways-of-christ" other bible translations can be used too, f.e. the "Jerusalem Bible" with its commentary, etc., which You can get from bookstores or libraries. Only some massively changed or fragmentary modern texts like "The Good News" cannot be recommended for deeper interested seekers. (But there may be people, for whom that stuff is helpful.)

As an additional service we offer the "World English Bible" webpages, which can be used and distributed freely.  (of http://ebible.org). 

Search tools for this website ways-of-christ.net and for the web.

http://ways.lima-city.de "Christian Essentials" (some simple Christian Texts concerning prayer, baptism, the Lord's supper, etc.)

(Ethics, "Declaration of the world parliament of religions", in German; the book with the declaration exists in English too. ) : http://www.uni-tuebingen.de/ stiftung-weltethos  

http://www.kirche-im-bistum-aachen.de/ Infos about the World Peace Prayer 2003 at Aachen (in German language) (Link delivered now an error message)
http://www.wjt2005.de/ Informations from the XX Catholic World Yout Day 16-21 August, 2005, Cologne (Link delivered now an error message)

http://www.vatican.va/archive/catechism/ccc_toc.htm  (catechism of the Catholic Church) (Link delivered now an error message)

Martin Luther's "Small catechism": see booksellers

http://www.reformed.org/documents/heidelberg.html  (catechism of the Reformed Churches) (Link delivered now an error message)

http://www.theresite.org.uk/  (some ressources concerning religious education)

If You are looking for profound thought-provoking impulses for religious education, You may search our site Ways of Christ, no matter that it is not worked out especially for classes.

http://www.churchmusic.org.uk/  (anglican and episcopal Church music)
theological books  (additional; other books see the ways-of-christ- textpages
Texts for the day: see our list with theological books

2: Other links concerning spiritual, prophetical, scientific etc. topics:

http://www.questhaven.org : Questhaven is a nondenominational Christian Retreat encompassing 640 acres of coastal wilderness near San Diego, California, USA. Spiritual seekers from around the world come year-round to these holy grounds to draw closer to God and to honor our Lord Christ. Their teachings are mystical and esoteric interpretations of Christianity, including the Angel Kingdom and Discipleship. Their Christward Ministry looks at the Lord Christ as Lord of all religions in the world.
http://attitude.directorica.com : Attitude Resources: positive attitude, etc.
http://meditation.contentdebit.com : Free Meditation Technique Resources. A new site providing information about  Meditation Technique Resources, and a Directory with many links.

(International Society for Interdisciplinary Sciences, in German language) : http://www.interdis-wis.de (Link delivered now an error message)

http://www.anthroposophy.net (anthroposophical search machine) 

http://www.spiritweb.org (spiritual links)

http://www.dreamscape.com/ morgana/pandora.htm (Prophecies of Saints and Popes) (Link delivered now an error message)

http://www.greatdreams.com/ prophecy.htm (links concerning modern prophecy)

http://faculty.smu.edu/dbinder/archaeol.html  (Links about archaeology of the time of the New Testament)

http://www.bibarch.com  (Biblical archaeology)

Baubiologie - there choose the button "English pages" (Informations on measuring and improving the conditions for health in living-rooms and places of work with computers a.s.o.) With international addresses like www.bau-biologieusa.com (Florida)

Christian Greeting cards etc.: Some broken links have been cancelled

http://www.123christian-cards.com/  : Christmas ECards.

http://www.googlygreetings.com/  GooglyGreetings : Free eCards; Greeting eCards, Birthday eCards, Love Greetings, Friendship eCards, Flowers & Gift Cards, Wedding eCards to your near and dear ones.

http://www.100free-ecards.com/  : consisting of a large number of free e-cards meant for various festivals and events.

http://www.100freegreetingcards.net/ : Free Greeting Cards for every occasion Valentines Day Greetings, Birthday eCards, Free Friendship Greeting, Love Cards. A large collection.

http://www.higreetings.com/religion/christianity/ : Religious/ Christian eCards (greeting cards) with Bible quotes etc.

http://www.christian-greetingcards.com/ : Free christianity greetings ecard site.

http://www.christianityecards.com/ : Free Christian ecards; users may personalize and preview their card right on the site.

http://www.retirementmessageideas.com : Ideas for religious retirement messages : http://www.retirementmessageideas.com/category/retirement-message-categories/religious/ 

http://www.ChristianClothesline.com. Christian Clothesline has original design Christian t-shirts and Christian apparel that includes tank tops, camisoles, jerseys, spagetti tanks, raglans, sweatshirts, hats, etc. You choose how they are printed. (Link delivered now an error message)

German links concerning Parapsychology etc.

Some other links and references are integrated in our text pages.

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