Ways of Christ

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Brief information in plain language

Information regarding the content of our web project

Ways of Christ is the name of our website.

     Jesus Christ supports people with his teachings.

     Each human being has his/her life path.

We are independent from churches.

We inform about our studies.

We are not trying to recruit members.

The life of Jesus can be an example for us.

Jesus demonstrates how to love all people.

Jesus gives wise advice.

Jesus teaches us how to pray to God.

Jesus shows, what faith is.

Jesus also shows, what Godís mercy can bring about.

In the life of Jesus, we find steps like the class levels of a school.

So internally, we can come closer and closer to God.

We made a book (ebook) about this path.

Notes concerning the contents of the website which are not in plain language.
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You can read the two parts of the main text in their entirety.

These parts concern the Gospels and the prophecy of the revelation.

     These are parts of the Christian Bible.

Or you can select individual chapters from the two parts in the table of contents.

Whatís more, you can find pages covering other topics on our homepage.

There are also pages for better understanding of different religions.

You can also download a free ebook from our homepage.

This ebook is a composition of most of the pages on our web page.


Plain language is not yet widespread for such topics. 

Plain language is not easy for writers to use.

Using plain language is like a translation into another language.

There are many rules, which are contradictory.

This page in plain language is therefore merely an attempt.


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