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 Part 3 Additional topics, questions / answers concerning secrets of life 

The question of life after death and its consequences for life before death.

So f.e. one can look into the question what is to come about at all with the human being at and after his death, and whether there are differences. This has been done often on the basis of religious manifestations and traditions about, also due to philosophical speculations, further with the aid of for example parapsychologic investigations, the Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology as well as clinical and individual experiences.(F.e. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, …). There are also scientific investigations f.e. about a decrease of weight in height of approx. 21 grams always occurring in the moment of the death.

In the field of the medicine there are not not only the anaesthetized or apparent dead ones, who came back, and reported on their experiences in other fields of consciousness. Usually in the moment of the transition people experience quickly and intensively a film of the whole life before - from a neutral viewpoint, that means also feeling, what others feeled, which were harmed by them. What is experienced after, relates obviously to one's life before death. This knowledge can be a contribution for life: one would deal more with "remaining values" within oneself.

Following reports in the fields of parapsychology and sensitive persons, especially suicides are said to remain attached to their former physical surroundings for a long time. Their memory and their agonies of conscience were still there.

Whose life was mainly destructive, selfish and greedy, will get problems by this burden, and will worry about missed opportunities to learn. Whose life was more considerate to his fellow beings, appreciating the creation like a part of oneself, and helpful, will have good experiences because of his lucid character.

One might also ask the question leading on, how the dying one deals with the stored abilities, experiences, and substances in his named "layers"; and what about differences. There is literature, f.e. by the priest Roesermüller . They point out, that "essentials" from all elements of the being are "taken with one"; and that earth burial is better than the cremation, because of the named process. Even an unexpectedly observed sudden substance breakup in a grave was reported.

Christianity and other religions agree, that the death is not the end. As we can see today, this wasn' t a theory, but must have been derived from real experiences. But in the details already in early Christianity there were different opinions, f.e. concerning the question of the "preexistence" of the soul before the conception, or the reincarnation. Today there are some theologians, who don't believe in the life after death, or in the "Eternal Life" through the experience of Jesus. They had adapted their thoughts to the natural sciences of the 19th century, out-dated since a long time.

In Christianity the "eternal life" of "the righteous" (e.g. Matthew 25:46); of those who follow Jesus (e.g. Luke 18:29-30), and/or of those who believe in Jesus (e.g. John 3) is not only interesting after death. As far as - with Christ - something within us becomes similar to "Heaven", life in "the future world" changes too, which is also mentioned in some Bible passages.

This compilation is worked out with the help of excerpts of the chapter "The empty grave..." of the main text of the website "ways-of-christ.net".


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