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 Addition to part 4, Contributions to the dialogue with other religions

Critical comments concerning the caricatures showing Prophet Mohammed from danish newspapers.

Prophet Mohammed is shown like a terrorist. And especially serious and peaceful moslems cannot accept this. So not only the traditional prohibition of images of God and prophets etc. is concerned.

Freedom of print media is no unlimited thing. In some countries dangerous revilement of religions can become punished.

Besides this viewpoint, one must not do everything which may be allowed by law.

The dialogue between people of different religions is necessary - based on tolerance and respect for each other's belief. see the project "World ethos".

But violence is no acceptable reaction. (Also the Holy Scriptures of the Islam do not permit for instance violence against innocent people.) But it is also not o.k., if someone does something, knowing that it may lead to violent reactions against innocent people.

It is correct, that the government of a western country usually cannot give commands, what newspapers have to do. Only the lawyer might do this, ift there is a law allowing it. many people in arabian countries don't know this, because they have the experience from their countries, that government can force everything.

But prime ministers and so on should disassociate themselves from such provocations, ask others to stop such caricatures and work for peaceful relations between people.

This viewpoints are also valid for blasphemic movies, that were directed against the Christian faith (or, finally, against religion in general.)


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