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The "seven bowls of God's wrath", the end of "Babylon" and the Second Coming of Christ.

Those who remained stable in the face of the beast and its image appear in the next vision, on a level of existence paraphrased "sea of glass, mixed with fire". From the "temple in Heaven" again seven angels come with the "last seven troubles" in "bowls of God's wrath", to pour onto the earth, onto the "sea", into the "rivers of water", into the sun, onto the "throne of the beast", into the river "Euphrates" and into the "air" (Revelation 15, 5 - Rev. 21).

On the one hand we see here an even higher level of consciousness at work; on the other hand this causes an even deeper and more existential stirring up of all elements of the earth and the visible part of the surrounding cosmos. Ulcers, poisons, suffering, fire, darkness, negative "spirits" and a worldwide disaster with continental drifts, sinking or flooding, meteorite falls, including dividing the materialistic civilisation of "Babylon" into three and its destruction (Revelation 17 -Rev. 18, 24). A possibility or "time window" for events in this direction already showed itself with the 6th seal.

Here it is also possible to use longer periods as a basis. However the "final speeches" of Jesus (e.g. Mark 13), and many prophecies that arose after John's Revelation unanimously suggest a central event in the years around (about) 2000* that changes the course of everything again. (See above: "How to deal with prophecies"). Scientific discoveries, not yet recognized in their significance, point to the same thing. The massive decrease in the geomagnetic field during the last 200 years and an unusual accumulation of earthquakes and volcanic activities which ensued in the last years; and the sun becoming "brighter" independent of classical cycles of solar activity like its maximum since 1999/2000 - in 2003... there were still gigantic activities - show those who are awake that something unusual is about to happen.

If the magnetic poles suddenly shift a lot or the magnetic field practically collapses and reconstructs itself in the reverse direction, as it has repeatedly occurred in the history of the earth, this would lead to a radical geological change too. This would not only be a new situation for mankind, but probably a new geological era too. If the magnetic "Van Allen Belt" surrounding the earth would lose its probable protective function against particles and "cosmic dust" for an unknown period of time, the prophetically announced meteorite falls could easily become reality.

Our own insights and those of others indeed indicate that the comprehensive destruction feared by some authors will not necessarily take place, neither in the form of a third atomic world war, nor through a complete ecological disaster, nor by way of the theory of the polar change of the axis of rotation, or its change with respect to the cosmos . A lot has changed in the bass of these types of visions.

However, because apocalyptic processes with a divine destination and the manipulation of many natural processes by egoistic members of mankind and their "elite" both seem to exist, as well as some positive human influences, limited changes to the earth, i.e. "new adjustments" of an astronomical scale might be unavoidable, apart from modifications in mankind and its consciousness.

"Anti-Christian" dictatorial attempts by people who want to keep their power and also the shortening or the end of this old time by a change with up to three days of darkness have often been predicted. This change can no longer simply be dismissed as nonsense. 

In this connection, a vision of Mary at Garabandal (Spain) contains the prophecy of a "Great Warning" which shows all people inwardly what they must overcome within themselves - see also John 16:8; Rev. 14:6-20 - if they want to manage the transition to God's light - see also John 16:13. This is connected with a sign in the sky. Within one year after this event a "Great (healing) miracle" is announced - leaving a "sign" at Garabandal. As far as mankind would not turn over a new leaf, later the Judgement day with fire from heaven (the "bowls of God`s wrath") is said to come - revelation 16; see additionally Matthew 24:28. (You may search for the English literature in the bookshops, or in the web with the keyword "Garabandal"). After this people might have to reconsider everything.
A possible preparation might be - besides changing one's life - to pray for the Holy Spirit just now.

Newer "channellings" from other sources - see the chapter "How to deal with prophecies" - name this a transition through a "zero zone", after which those who have the maturity enter a cosmic-spiritual field of force on earth - often inaccurately named "Photon Belt" - and would be able to live with the abilities of the "light bodies" of higher dimensions in the material reality (see the chapters "The Resurrection" and "The Kingdom of Peace").

Relief actions were also announced, like people being temporarily "fetched" by Christ (cf. Revelation 14, 14-16) or by the angels of people who were prepared, or provisional evacuations and further assistance by friendly extraterrestrials. It is up to each person to decide where they hope for help. Since there is both light and darkness in the cosmos too, one is faced with the probable complexity of events and it is good to ask Christ for his guidance in all situations and to apply ones own ability to make exact distinctions - because this is a specificly earthly way of finding unity - in the context of new powers arriving on the scene from above.

This period fundamentally deals with the last possible decision in each person's soul as to whether one wants to continue participating in development towards the coming "Kingdom of peace", which God prepared for the earth. This stage ends with the "Second Coming of Christ". See also Revelation 19, cf. Revelation 12; Matthew 24:30; Acts 1:6-8. He does not simply come as a human being born on earth, but as the core of something more comprehensive – the approach of God's heaven (and the beyond) and earth ; of spirit, (mind and) body. Nevertheless Christ is described as coming back as a real being - not only as his power to spiritualize mankind, as some modern groups assume. This is of significance for everyone, not only Christians. The Quran also describes the Second Coming of Jesus as witness for his people on "Doomsday". One can conclude from the prophecy of several other religions, that their prophets will also play a role in the same period in one or another way, helping their adherents  understand what is going on.

In this step of the revelation too, thoughts of penalization are inappropriate. It is rather a part of a concept logical in itself that points to a further stage of the evolution of life on earth. The challenge is to experience it as a mutual transition to higher things - in which each of us will find the place correct for our development. Whoever takes in and applies the renewing powers at the right time and with a good will, can experience the positive side of it, but also feel the suffering of the world. On the other hand those who do not want to accept the new powers experience them as something hitting from outside. That is the actual nature of the "doomsday" in the sense of the revelation. Man has the great freedom to make his own decisions but, as so often in life, he must make his decision at an appropriate time, otherwise no decision is possibly a decision too. The "lukewarm" (Rev. 3:16) / "half-hearted" ones are not appreciated much in the revelation (See in "The 7 churches" with extra page). The "separation of the spirits" is a part of the heart of the events of the revelation, on the way to final unity.

The "seven plagues" - the 7th one ends with a voice from Heaven "It has happened (it is done)!" - this is a parallel to the words of Jesus on the cross "It is finished (accomplished)!". See e.g. John 19, and our chapter "The crucifixion".

Mystically or with sensitivity one can already experience today how the earth suffers and shouts for help as it prepares itself for a "difficult birth". The crucifixion and the burial as a transition to the resurrection concerns the whole earth and its effects extend beyond these. Here too, one can find the transition from the crucifixion and a state beyond life and death to the resurrection working as a whole. When looked at from this viewpoint, the steps of the "last plagues" can happen without a catastrophe as if it were the end of the world.

Since this prophecy is complex (see the first chapter "The Revelation of John"), the real development in the world may be more advanced than it seems to people who look at particular details of the prophecy, which are not manifested fully. Other areas show plagues, which are even more "advanced" than those outlined in the Revelation.

A Supplement: The new books of Wladimir Megre about the Siberian wise woman Anastasia also contain the inner knowledge that the old programs of the global catastrophe can be changed and optimization of everything with the help of people and in accord with God is the goal. But this does not mean that the contemporary world can go on as it is. (German: email wega@verlag-wega.de. The first book in English may have been published by a Canadian editor.) Ways of Christ is independent from the endeavours of others and does not automatically support all (of) the contents of their books or websites.

*) When examining such a possible window of time, there is no major significance in theories that refer to the time of Jesus’ birth asbeing 300 or even 700 years later than indicated by today’s Gregorian calendar. It is primarily the quality of time – in relation to the biblical prophetic visions – that indicates whether the time would be ripe. Newer visions would, in any case, be based on today’s calendar – assuming they contain a general time frame at all. See also the chapter on"How to deal with prophecies"

Do I want Jesus Christ to appear again clearly, as prophesied, transforming human life and the world?

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