Ways of Christ

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To our main text with the steps of Jesus in the Gospels and the Revelation


  Additional pages (Ways of Christ parts 3 & 4)
 including several topics and Questions / Answers concerning secrets of life

Part 3

Theology and the Churches:

These pages and the theologic schools

Why do I need a Church or community ?

The "7 Churches" of the Revelation and the Churches of today, and the ecumene

Inspirations and the Churches



Several topics, practical and biblical questions:

Religion as a "reconnection" of man with God - with Jesus Christ  (A shorter, easier approach).

With Churches' declarations:  Prayer: A Prayer for peace....

Bible study and Gospel Meditation.

The Lord's Supper.

 Jesus Christ and questions of nourishment.

Christian blessings.

new:  Complaining as a possible part of Christian practice.

Viewpoints concerning sexuality, sympathy, empathy, love, friendship and marriage.

Science and the Belief in God.

Jesus Christ and Healing - even today.

The topic of the Creeds.

The question of life after death and its consequences for life before death.

Christianity - its relation to other teachings about "karma" and "reincarnation".

A Christian attitude (chapter 39 of the main text).

To the "small Apocalypse" in the Gospel of Matthew.


Ethics and Society, Philosophy:

with additions: Basics of ethical values.

Christian viewpoints for economical and social questions.

renewed: Jesus and peace (with Churches' declarations).

new: Jesus and Refugees, Migration and Cultures

Christian viewpoints for society and politics.

General Christian viewpoints for ecological questions.

The unborn human life.

Religion and Philosophy, comments to a speech of Habermas, ...


Part 4

The Old Testament, Other Religions, Philosophy:

Extra - page "The Old Testament, the Jewish Religion and Jesus Christ"

Extra page "Jesus and the Islam"

Critical comments: the caricatures concerning Prophet Mohammed from danish newspapers

The Religion of Zarathustra (Parsism) and Jesus Christ

Extra page "Jesus Christ and the Buddhism"

Extra page "Jesus Christ and the Hinduism"

Extra page "Jesus Christ and Taoism, Konfucianism"

Extra page "The relation between Christianity and Shintoism
- with general viewpoints concerning natural religions

To an additional page with corrections of modern Jesus-theories

Religion and Philosophy, comments to a speech of Habermas

Notes on Ancient Egyptian Religion

Remarks Concerning Early European Religions: Greek, Roman, Germanic, Celtic Religion.

2012 and the Mayan Calendar


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